The Slipstop group is the world’s leading specialist in floor safety. With more than 35 years experience, extensive research and development, and representation in more than 40 countries world-wide, we have the products and the knowledge to solve almost any slip problem.

Slipstop Australia is part of the Slipstop group of companies. Our specially trained personnel will complete anti-slip applications at any time of the day or night. Slipstop products dry instantly and can be walked on immediately, meaning no downtime or shutdown of facilities!

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Slipstop treatments are not coatings and will not peel off at any time!
Every single floor we treat is guaranteed to remain slip resistant for a minimum of 5 years.


The forerunner to Slipstop was originally invented in the late ’60’s in the USA. Boeing Air Industries looked to develop a product which would give their airplanes more road grip on the runway.

After it’s advancement the product was presented at the beginning of the 70’s to the commercial market. It was used successfully in hospitals, hotels, shopping Malls, McDonalds and Pizza Hut restaurants.

In 1981 Slipstop (European) Ltd was established in the UK and acquired the exclusive world-wide license for the Slipstop products. In 1986 Slipstop was introduced in Scandinavian countries and in 1988 the rest of Europe. To assist with the rapid expansion of the Slipstop Network a Marketing Head office was set up in Luxembourg the “green heart of Europe”. The enterprise has now expanded world-wide into 40 countries with more than 80 independent branches.

At the end of 1998 Slipstop presented the newest generation of anti-slip treatments to cater for the different floor surfaces in the Market place. Now practically every wet and slippery surface such as Natural stones, Ceramics, acrylic bathtubs etc. can be made safe with Slipstop anti-slip treatments.

Slipstop Australia was opened up in 1996. For over 20 years now we have been servicing the community both in Australia, NZ and the south east Asia/Pacific.